Submitted on 12 November 2020

Voluntarily Disclosed

1.   Organisation Chart

2.   Board of Trustees

3.   Delegation of Powers

       ■  Delegation of Enhanced Financial Powers to Major Ports

       ■  Delegation of Enhanced Financial Powers to Dy. Chairmen of Major Ports

       ■  Delegation of Enhanced Financial Powers for Tenders

4.   Manual of Procedures

5.   Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

       ■  Cruise Vessel Operations

       ■  Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan

       ■  Disaster Management Plan

6.   Client's Citizen's Charter

7.   Grievance Redressal Mechanism

8.   Major Port Trusts Act, 1963

9.   Rules & Regulations

10. Schedule of Employees

11. Monthly remuneration to employees

12. Employee Telephone Directory

13. Allocation of work

14. Internal transfers/orders/circulars

15. Training programmes

16.  Procedure for granting permission for Internship Project Research Study

17. Disciplinary cases

18. Scholarship for children of employees

19. Stevedoring Licences

20. Statistics

       ■  Cargo & Vessel 

       ■  Administration Report

       ■  Annual Budget

       ■  Annual Accounts 

       ■  ATN on Separate Audit Report

21. Single Window Facility for Customers

22. a) Evolution of Cochin Port  b) Maritime Heritage Museum

23. List of categories of documents held by departments

       ■ Marine       ■ Traffic       ■ Medical       ■  GAD       ■ Civil Engineering

24. Task Force for periodic review of Client's Citizen's Charter

25. STQC Certification for website

26. Facilitation Centre / Toll Free Number

27. Foreign tours

28. RTI Independent Audit

29. RTI Quarterly Report 

       ■ 2018–19   ■ 2019–20   ■ 2020–21

 30. Settlement agreement of Wage Revision & Allied matters of Port & Dock Workers of Major Port Trusts & Dock Labour Board w.e.f. 01.01.2017

31. Revision of Pay and Allowances of Class I and II officers in the Major Port Trusts and Dock Labour Boards dated 05.02.2020

32. Seniority lists as on 01.09.2020


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Applications/Appeals and Replies

General Administration Department RTI Applications and Replies

Applications and Replies

 1.   Shri. Gowrisankar P.R. – Status of the recruitment for the post of AEE in CoPT
 2.   Shri. Dhans – Information on seniority etc of various posts in CoPT
 3.   Shri.Jolly John – Pay Scale details of Cl-IV employees & Asst. Cook in CPT from '86 
 4.   Shri. K.K.Gireesan – Application under Section 6 of the RTI
 5.   Shri.Latheef – Details of leased land in r/o NAJCO 
 6.   Shri.Pammi Prasanna Kumar – Details of RR on Study Leave 
 7.   Shri. Salim A K – Details of Lease deed agreement in r/o Lulu Convention  and Exhibition Center Pvt. Ltd. 
 8.   Shri.Sanjay Bhaty – Details of court cases and orders issued in favour and against Ministry of Shipping
 9.   Shri.Jarnail Singh – Percentage of Actual strength of SCs & STs as on 30.06.2020
10.  Shri H. Michael Robert Kennedy – Check off system
11.  Shri Nilanshu Banerjee – Vacancies of Superintending Engineer (Mechanical)
12.  Shri.Togaru Sunil Kumar – Complete benefits and exemptions for physically challenged (Divyangjan) from government.
13.  Shri. Hemant Patil – Encroachment
14.  Shri. K. Murthy – Direct recruitment vacancies.
15.  Shri. K.V. Nagesh – Purchase of Immovable property
16.  Shri. Lijo Raju Lease details
17.  Shri. M. Naga Prasad Details of Liaison Officer (PH).
18.  Shri. M. Naga Prasad Roster for reservation of SC ST OBC PH for direct recruitment posts & promotion post
19.  Shri. Rajesh K.V. – LDC vacancy - Staff Selection Commission
20.  Shri. Sivasankar T.C. – Office person at CoPT to whom should one share the PIN  Password
21.  Smt. Bindu M.G. – Grant of Child Care Leave to women employees of CoPT
22.  Shri. R. Ajithkumar Roster of Programmer & Sr.OCIO
23.  Shri. Manipuspak Sethi Copies of all Notes Sheets related to filling the Post of SE(M)
24.  Shri. S.P. Kamath  Copy of the Minutes of the Meeting
25.  Shri. Sachin  Information on filling up of the post of Dy.CVO 
26.  Shri. Rajkumar Yadav – Details of expenses under CSR scheme
27.  Shri. Braham Prakash – Sponsorship programmes in FY 2018-19
28.  Shri. Sabreesh Kumar – Information on Port land, lease etc
29.  Shri. P.V. Dileep – Lease
Appeals and Replies
1.    Shri. Kevin
2.    Shri. V. Sethunath
3.    Shri. Viju P. Varghese
4.    Shri. Manipuspak Sethi
5.    Shri. R. Ajithkumar
6.    Shri. S.P. Kamath
7.    Shri. Sachin



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RTI - How to apply

Any citizen of India who desires to obtain any information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 may make a request to the concerned Public Information Officer in Cochin Port Trust by enclosing the application fee.

Application fee: Rs. 10/- (Rupees ten only)

Mode of payment

By Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque / Indian Postal Order in favour of FA & CAO, Cochin Port Trust, Cochin-9.

Online applications can be submitted through RTI Portal

List of CPIOs & APIOs

RTI Handbook (by Dr. S.N. Venkatesan)


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