Cochin Port Trust has approximately 863.755 hectares of land at various locations in Kochi including Willingdon Island (385.82 Ha.), Bolghatty (16.670 Ha.), Vallarpadam (163.637 Ha), Puthuvypeen (308.552 Ha.), Ernakulam ( 5.19 Ha.), Fort Kochi (2.149 Ha.), Palluruthy (3.86 Ha.) and Thevara (0.587 Ha.). Port land is being leased/ licenced in accordance with the Government of India Land Policy Guidelines issued from time to time. The Ministry of Shipping has announced in January, 2014 a set of Policy Guidelines for Land Management by Major Ports,2014. Further, the Ministry of Shipping had modified / changed the Policy Guideline for Land Management of Major Ports, 2014 to provide greater clarity.  Thus, the Amended Policy Guideline for Land Management is as under :-

Click here to download Policy Guideline for Land Management by Major Ports, 2014 - Clarification and Amendments

Cochin Port Trust endeavours to use the land in the Port area to increase throughput through the Port by allowing Port Users to put up structures such as jetties, cement bagging plants, tank farms, godowns, container freight stations, free trade warehousing zones and office space for Port Users. However, areas not accessible to shipping, such as those to the south of the Willingdon Island were access to shipping is barred by the bridges, are given on lease for development of non-Port activities such as hotels and commercial complexes which bring revenue to the Port.

Land Use Plan for Cochin Port

Cochin Port Trust has formulated a Land Use Plan for all the land belonging to the Trust.

"Land use Plan"

Allotment of land on lease 

Allotment of land on lease is normally done for up to 30 years on auction-cum-tender basis. The bid parameter is specified in the auction-cum-tender. In some cases the upfront premium is the bid parameter, with only a nominal amount of Re.1 per sq.m being paid in subsequent years of the lease, while more generally, the bid parameter is the premium quoted, with lease rent as per the Scale of Rates notified by the Tariff Authority for Major Ports (TAMP) being payable in subsequent years.

Estate Rentals ( Lease of Port land at various locations)

Allotment of land on licence

Cochin Port Trust also allots Open Space on licence for a period of 11 months for storage of cargo and for other activities on payment of licence fee in accordance with the Scale of Rates approved by the TAMP. Renewal is also considered on merit.

Click here to download format of application for fresh Allotment/Renewal of lease of land

 Permission for erecting Hoardings on Willingdon Island

Cochin Port is issuing permission for erection of hoardings without causing hindrance to Port operations and vehicular traffic on Port land on yearly basis, on payment of Hoarding Charges in accordance with the Scale of Rates notified by the TAMP and revised from time to time. Renewal may be considered on merit.


Cochin Port Trust has computerized the Land Management System. The billing and collection of Lease rent, licence fee and sub-lease levy are being done through SAP system.




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