फेरी सेवाएँ

कोचिन पोर्ट में लक्षद्वीप के विभिन्न द्वीपों के लिए नियमित नौका सेवा है। लक्षद्वीप प्रशासन और लक्षद्वीप विकास निगम लिमिटेड यात्रियों के लिए यात्रा और टिकट जारी कर रहा है। वर्तमान में कोचिन और लक्षद्वीप के बीच पांच जहाज चल रहे हैं। इन यात्राओं के लिए लक्षद्वीप में पैकेज टूर का लाभ उठाने की सुविधा है। इन टूर पैकेजों की व्यवस्था संघ शासित क्षेत्र लक्षद्वीप प्रशासन के क्रीड़ा प्रभाग द्वारा की जाती है। जानकारी के लिए, कृपया www.lakshadweeptourism.com का अवलोकन करें।


अग्निशमन सेवाएँ

अग्नि शमन, सुरक्षा और विलोपन गतिविधियों, खतरनाक माल के सुरक्षित हस्तन, बंकरिंग संचालन हॉट वर्क परमिट आदि आपात स्थितियों के दौरान अनुरोध पर शहर के फायर ब्रिगेड और आसपास के अन्य संगठनों की सहायता करते हैं। अग्निशमन के लिए विशेष रूप से प्रशिक्षित अग्निशमन दल प्रदूषण नियंत्रण कार्यों में प्रशिक्षित। अधिकांश आधुनिक अग्निशमन उपकरणों की फ्लीट जिसमें उच्च मात्रा पंपिंग, लंबी दूरी के मॉनिटर, सबसे तेज स्टॉक फायर फाइटिंग मीडिया सबसे तेज आग बुझाने की क्षमता शामिल हैं।

पोर्ट स्वास्थ्य संगठन



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  1.  Notice of the expected arrival of a vessel: When a vessel is expected to arrive in the port a notice shall be sent in advance at the earliest possible moment in the prescribed form through Port Community System for vessels with IMO number and manually for other vessels to the Deputy Conservator of the Port by the Master, Owner or agent of the vessel expressing also the particular berth, if any, which the vessel would prefer to occupy, the expression of such preference shall also be sent simultaneously to the Traffic Manager and the Harbour Master.
  2. Allotment, occupation and vacation of berths: The allotment of berths shall be in the discretion of the Traffic Manager. In exercising his discretion, the Traffic Manager shall be guided by the following Regulations, namely;

2.1  Berthing of vessels should be so arranged that:

  1. When the agents of a vessel have expressed a preference for any particular berth the Traffic Manager shall, whenever possible, arrange for such a berth and where it is not possible to allot the berth desired, the Traffic Manager shall give due intimation to the agents.
  2. Other things being equal the vessel first arriving at the Port limits and reporting to the Port Control, shall be given priority in the allotment of berths provided her draughts and other nautical considerations permit. However, such priority in the allotment of berth is subject to the receipt of the notice of arrival of the vessel at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel.
  3. Over-riding priority may be given to Government vessels embarking or disembarking troops, or landing or shipping Government stores, to passenger ships or to vessels landing or shipping live-stock.
  4. The allotment will be done in such a way as not to cause any loss to the Port other factors being common.

2.2  If a vessel fails to discharge or load on any one day the quantities specified below except for reasons beyond the control of the vessel (for example weather) the Traffic Manager may call upon her to vacate her berth within four hours of the receipt of notice and such vessel shall vacate the berth within the time specified in the notice.

The vessels shall have a minimum ship berth-day output as follow 

I.    Liquid bulk - 2500 MT

II.    Dry bulk - 2000 MT

III.    Break bulk - 500 MT

Nothing in this policy shall be deemed to prevent a vessel having arrived for discharge or loading at the Port lesser quantities of cargo than those specified above from having access to a berth, or from the use of other Port facilities.

2.3  Notwithstanding the provisions above mentioned regarding the priorities in the allotment of berths, the Traffic Manager shall have the discretion to arrange the berthing of vessels in any particular manner, if he finds that such arrangement will facilitate the best use of the berths or that such arrangement will serve the general interest of shipping to the best advantage.


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Ferry Services

Cochin Port has regular ferry service to various Islands in Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep Administration and Lakshadweep Development Corporation Ltd. is chartering the voyages and issues tickets to passengers. Currently five ships are plying between Cochin and Lakshadweep. There is facility to avail package tour to Lakshadweep for these voyages. These tour packages are arranged by Sports Division of Union Territory of Lakshadweep Adminstration. For details, please visit www.lakshadweeptourism.com.

Fire Fighting Services

Responsible for fire prevention, protection and extinction activities, safe handling of Hazardous cargo, bunkering operations hot work permits etc. Assist the city fire brigade and other nearby organizations on request during emergencies. Specially trained crew for afloat fire fighting. Trained in pollution control operations. Fleet of most modern fire fighting appliances including high volume pumping, long-range monitors, sufficient stock fire fighting media of fastest fire knock down capability.

Port Health Organization

PHO (Port Health Organization) is represented at the port. 



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"CPT Hospital"



  • A 110 bedded hospital with ICU and Operation Theatre.
  • Fully equipped Lab, ECG and X-ray department.
  • Fully computerized Reception, Lab & Pharmacy for patients.
  • Round the clock casualty service.
  • Part Time Visiting Specialist consultation


  • Issue of Health, Sanitary Inspection & Medical Examination Certificates on board of the ships.
  • Inspection and grant of pratique to ships arriving from Yellow Fever endemic ports.
  • Inspection and isolation of patients on board with infectious diseases and notified diseases under regulation and also to provide facilities for quarantine and surveillance.
  • Vaccination against Yellow Fever and issue of certificates.
  • Infectious disease surveillance of passengers and crews at Cochin port of International importance.
Medical Facilities at Port Specialists Visit Schedule


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1.Import/Export procedure of Cargo

Importers/Exporters can import/export various types of cargo through Cochin Port. The details of cargo that can be imported/exported through Cochin Port are given in the Foreign Trade procedure 2008-09 published by Director General of Foreign Trade. Please visit http://dgft.delhi.nic.in and www.cbec.gov.in  for further details.

(a)   Import Documents

(1)   Import General Manifest approved by Customs.

(2)   Bill of Entry alongwith cargo charges to be filed through Customs House Agent.

(3)   Customs Out of Charge Certificate.

(4)   Steamer Agents Delivery Order/ Bill of Lading for ownership of the cargo.

(b)   Export Documents

(1)   Shipping bill approved by Customs.

(2)   Cargo charges through Customs House Agent.

(3)   Customs Let Export Order for the specified shipping

All documents are to be submitted online through Port Community System  and Customs system.

2. Personal Baggage Clearance

 Cochin Port has facility to handle unaccompanied personal baggage received in containers. The container will be de-stuffed at Q6 shed and the goods will be examined and cleared by Customs Office in Q6 shed. The customer has to submit necessary documents to Customs and Port, either through a Customs House Agent or by himself.

The importer shall initially submit copy of the Bill of Lading along with cargo charges and Delivery Order to Port. Appraisal ticket shall be issued from Port for Customs examination. After Customs clearance the importer shall submit Customs out of charge stamped in Baggage Declaration for taking delivery of goods.

3.Container Freight Station (CFS) Facilities and Operation

Cochin Port has a full fledged Container Freight Station with mechanised stuffing and destuffing service. It has 10000sq.m of covered space and 20000 sq.m of open space. CFS has facility for stuffing and destuffing both LCL and FCL cargo. CFS is operation from 6 am to 10 pm on all week days. On-wheel stuffing is provided. Ro-Ro jetty is situated in the near vicinity of CFS. Security is being provided by CISF. Facilities for palletising are also available.

4. IMO Class -I cargo

Please click below to see the procedure for handling the IMO Class - I cargo at Cochin Port. The procedure is approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives.

Standard Operation Procedure

5. LO-LO/RO-RO Terminal

Cochin Port has set up a Lo-Lo/Ro-Ro Terminal for transporting the containers between the Willingdon Island and ICTT Vallarpadam. Containers from port CFS can be easily transported to and from the ICTT quickly at very low cost with this facility.

6. Bunkering

Bunker supply can be done at all berths by barge/trucks/pipeline. All major oil companies undertake supplies which is arranged through agents.

7. ​​​​​​​Pipe Line Network

Separate pipelines laid at SCB & NCB for handling liquid cargo like Palmolien, CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid) and Chemicals. Pipelines are available at Tanker berths for handling Crude oil & Petroleum Products. At Q5, pipelines are laid for handling Carbon Black Feed Stock(CBFS). Flexible hoses are available for use at Tanker berths & NCB.

8. Wharf Information Centre

Round the clock shipping control rooms are functioning in Marine Control, Ernakulam Wharf and Mattancherry Wharf. Users can contact these control rooms for any information regarding vessel movement and cargo operation. The contact numbers are

(1)   Ernakulam Wharf Control Room - 0484-2666207

(2)   Mattancherry Wharf Control Room - 0484-2666162

(3)   Port Control Office - 0484 2667105



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On Arrival:

All ships on approaching Cochin are to contact Cochin Port Control on VHF Channel 15 / 16 and report their E.T.A. to receive instructions on Pilot boarding / anchoring. Cochin Port Control is equipped with Radar / A.I.S. based V.T.M.S. and monitors the approach of vessels towards the fairway buoy.Open anchorage is South of the Channel with clay and sand bottom offering good holding ground.Pilots board ships in the vicinity of the Buoys no. 3 & 4 (Deep drafted vessels - about 0.5 n.m. West of buoys 1 & 2). Pilot ladders are to be rigged on the lee side 1.5 m above the water line.The Pilots embark from Pilot boats with white superstructure / red hull with 'PILOTS' marked on the sides.

Port Channels:

The entrance to the harbour is by a 16500m long and 260 m wide 15.95 m deep outer approach channel marked with eight sets of buoys numbered from 1 to 16.  Inner harbour is divided into two navigational channels - Ernakulam Channel of 2800m long and 300 - 500 m wide with depths from 9.75 to 13.5 m and Mattancheri Channel of 2200 m long and 180 - 250 m wide with a depth of 9.75 m.Mattancheri Channel has the berths Q1 to Q4, North and South Coal berths and B.T.P.Ernakulam Channel has berths Q5 to Q10, North and South Tanker Berths and Cochin Oil Terminal.  Basin for the International Container Transhipment Terminal (ICTT) lies just north of the shipping channel along the south face of Vallarpadam island. Basin for the LNG terminal of Petronet LNG Ltd. is located north of the approach channel between buoys 14 & 16 with the jetty along the south end of Puthuvypin Island.


 The following tugs are available in Cochin normally two tugs are used for each shipping movement as per the requirement of the Pilot and the cost of the tug is included in the Pilotage charges.


2009 Built

Twin screw cycloidal propulsion

45 Tons Bollard Pull


2009 Built

Twin screw cycloidal propulsion

45 Tons Bollard Pull



2012 Built  ASD

60 Tons Bollard Pull


2011 Built ASD

60 Tons Bollard Pull


2012 Built ASD

60 Tons Bollard Pull

Mooring launches:

 Five mooring launches are available for passing mooring lines at Tanker, Coal and fertilizer (Q10) berths. On other berths lines are passed by heaving lines.

Pilot Boats

  2 Nos of Pilot boats of Red Hull and White Superstructure with "PILOTS" embossed on the sides.

Port Control:

VHF Channel 15 / 16
Telephone + 91 484 2667105 / 2666468.



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Cochin is emerging as a high turnover bunkering hub in South Asian region. The Port is supported by a coastal refinery ensuring reliable and cost effective supply. Product range include 380 centistoke fuel oils compliant with latest international standards ISO-8217-2010 with sulphur content < 3.5%

International Bunkering Terminal for dedicated bunkering in the project stage.


Salient Features of Bunkering at Cochin

  • High quality bunkers of all grades
  • Facility for supply of bunkers to ships at the outer sea
  • Most competitive rates among South Asian Ports
  • Lowest Tax rates for bunkers to foreign vessels (0.5%) and coastal vessels (5%)
  • Correct quantities delivered

Click here for Customs Trade Notice on Bunker supply

Click here for Bunker Supply Procedure

Click here for the Code of Practices for Supply of Bunkers


Contact Persons for Bunkers and Barges

Bunker Suppliers

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mr. K.Ravindranath (mobile-9495046444)

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Mr. P.V.R. Nair (mobile-9447498235 )

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mr. Arjun Pullat (mobile-9446406580)


Mr. Ramesh Goil (mobile-08879248172)

Bharat Chemical Mr.Dilip Banusali (mobile-9825226768

Barge Operators

Kerala State Inland Navigation Co

Mr. Krishnakumar (mobile- 9846223888)

Unique Bunkers

Capt Jacob (mobile-9895126269)

Cochin Bunkers

Mr. Prakash Kumar (mobile-9847031325)

Poseidon Maritime Services

Mr.K.P.Joseph (mobile- 9562051056)

Geostan Marine India P Ltd

Mr. George Jose V (mobile-7736089777)

Shiny Shipping Mr. Prakash Amin (mobile-9833945701)

(New Barge operators may contact Port for registration)

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