Published on 15 February 2020


      MPA Act Gazette Notification

  1. Class I Officers of the Cochin Port Trust (Acceptance of employment after Retirement) Regulations, 1973
  2. Cochin Port (Authorisation of Pilots) Regulations, 1964
  3. Cochin Port Employees (Allotment of Residence) Regulations, 1965
  4. Cochin Port Employees (Class III & Class IV) Special Contribution Regulations, 1967
  5. Cochin Port Employees (Classification, Control and Appeal) Regulations, 1964
  6. Cochin Port Employees (Conduct) Regulations, 1964
  7. Cochin Port Employees (General Provident Fund) Regulations, 1964
  8. Cochin Port Employees (Grant of Advances for Building of Houses) Regulations, 1971
  9. Cochin Port Employees (Leave Travel Concession) Regulation, 1964
  10. Cochin Port Employees (Leave) Regulations, 1978
  11. Cochin Port Employees (Retirement) Regulations, 1977
  12. Cochin Port Employees (Temporary Service) Regulations, 1964
  13. Cochin Port Employees (Welfare Fund) Regulations, 1964
  14. Cochin Port Trust (Committee Procedure) Regulations, 1966
  15. Cochin Port Trust Contributory Provident Fund Rules (India), 1962 Amendment Regulations’, 1967
  16. Cochin Port Trust Employees (Contributory outdoor and indoor and Medical Benefit after Retirement) Regulations, 1991
  17. Cochin Port Trust Employees (Educational Assistance) Regulations, 1993
  18. Cochin Port Trust Employees (Family Welfare) Regulations 1980
  19. Cochin Port Trust Employees’ (House Building Advance) Family Benefit Fund Regulations, 1998
  20. Cochin Port Trust Services (Reward for suggestions) Regulations, 1968
  21. Major Port Trusts (Adaptation of Rules) Regulations, 1964
  22. Major Port Trusts (Payment of fees and Allowances to Trustees) Rules, 1981
  23. Major Port Trusts (Procedure at Board Meetings) Rules, 1981
  24. The Major Port Authorities (Accounts and Audit) Rules, 2021.
  25. The Major Port Authorities (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2021
  26. The Major Port Authorities (Master Plan and Application of Funds from Non Port Related Use) Rules, 2021.
  27. The Major Port Authorities (Application of Money in Sinking Fund) Rules, 2021.
  28. The Major Port Authroties (Fixation and implementation of Scale of Rates, Fees and Conditions) Rules, 2021.
  29. Major Port Authorities (Chairperson,Dy.Chairperson & Board Members) Rules, 2022