Submitted on 12 November 2020
Sl.No Tender Description Tender Number Department Document Issue from Date Document Issue to Date Last Date of Submission Open Date EMD
1 Preparation of model & estimate in connection with the renovation of Room No.NAB 601 & NAB 605 of New Administrative Building of Cochin Port Authority T1/Q-11/2022-C Civil NIL
2 Outsourcing for MRI , CT and US scan at Cochin Port Hospital RFQ.No.C3/ MRI & CT Scan/2022-Hदिनांक/dt.15.11.2022 Medical Nil
3 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, painting, servicing and refilling of Breathing Apparatus cylinders used in Fire Service Notice inviting quotation Marine NA
4 e-tender for licensing of 12 Building area (office spaces) for 5 year in W/Island MSTC/TVC/60/22-23/26923 Gn.Admn 13566
5 E-Tender for licensing 4 open Area in Willingdon Island for a period of 5 years MSTC/TVC/58/22-23/26858 Gn.Admn 11,000
6 E-Tender for lease of 3 plots in Willingdon Island North side for a period of 30 years MSTC/TVC/57/22-23/26857 Gn.Admn 23,35,999
7 Lube Oil of Viscosity “ ISO VG 150 GEM/2022/B/2740140 Dt:15-11-2022 Stores Nil
8 “Supply of Memento (Printed Golden Foil)” as per sample available D5/Memento/2022-S Gn.Admn 20500
9 E-tender for lease of 6 plots in Willingdon Island for a period of 30 years MSTC/TVC/49/22-23/21806 Gn.Admn 141642
10 Hiring of Water Barge at Cochin Port for a period of 5 years on Revenue Share Model E/T-6/Water Barge Hiring/2022-M Mechanical Rs.2,50,000