Submitted on 13 June 2019


1.Title:These  rules  shall  be  called  the  “Rules  of  Registration  of  Contractors  in Cochin Port Trust, 2012” and shall come in to force with effect from the 1stday ofJULY, 2012.

2.Short  Title:Hereinafter  these  rules  shall  be  referred  to  as  “Registration  Rules 2012” for the sake of brevity.

3.Repeal and Savings

3.1All  rules  regarding  enlistment/  revalidation  of  contractors  in  Cochin  Port  Trust existing  before  coming  into  force  of  Registration  Rules  2012  are  repealed  by Registration Rules 2012.

3.2Notwithstanding such repeal, the contractors already registered on the basis of rules hitherto in force shall be discontinued.