Submitted on 12 November 2020
Sl.No Tender Description Tender Number Department Document Issue from Date Document Issue to Date Last Date of Submission Open Date EMD
1 E-tender for lease of 6 plots in Willingdon Island for a period of 30 years MSTC/TVC/36/22-23/15561 Gn.Admn 30,00,000
2 Notice inviting Budgetary quote for Zinc Anodes NIL Marine NA
3 Providing signage & sign boards at GoI Base Unit (Kochi) [Re quotation] T1/Q-10/2022-C Civil 0
4 E-tender for licensing 21 Building area (office spaces) for 5 year in W/Island MSTC/TVC/6/22-23/1450 Gn.Admn 23,916
5 E-Tender for “Annual rate contract for Printing and Binding Works of Cochin Port Authority” for a period of one year”. D5/Printing/2022-S Gn.Admn 5,030
6 Demolishing the existing rest room at COT T1/Q-09/2022-C Civil 0
7 E-Tender for lease of land with existing structures in W/Island for a period of 30 years with upfront lease rent for petroleum outlet purposes. MSTC/TVC/18/22-23/6269 Gn.Admn 61000