Submitted on 12 November 2020
Sl.No Tender Description Tender Number Department Document Issue from Date Document Issue to Date Last Date of Submission Open Date EMD
1 Budgetary quotation- Oil spill dispersant NIL Marine NA
2 Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality and Noise Level at Cochin Port area for a period of Three Years (Two years extendable)” T12/T-1953/2021-C Civil NIL
3 Rewiring & providing new electrical fixtures including air-conditioners in Qtr. No.VII/3 AEE/Qtn-Quarters Wiring/2021-M Mechanical 0
4 E-Tender For Servicing Of Liferafts For The Period 2022-24 E-TENDER No. MD/HM/Liferaft Servicing/2021 Marine NIL
5 Running the Dormitory at Cochin Fisheries Harbour (CFH) for a period of one year on license basis No. AE/T-07/ Dormitory/CFH/2021 Mechanical Nil
6 “Tender for Running the Comfort Station at Cochin Fisheries Harbour (CFH) for a period of one year extendable by another one year at the mutual consent of both CoPT and the contractor at the same rates, terms and conditions” AE/T-06 (Re)/Comfort Station/CFH/2021 Mechanical Nil
7 Supply and installation of Water ATM of 500 LPH capacity at Cochin Fisheries Harbour including providing additional AMC of 4 years after the guarantee period AE/T-04 (Re)/Water ATM/CFH/2021 Mechanical Nil
8 e-tender for lease of one unit of plots with existing structures for a period of 30 years. MSTC/TVC/COCHIN PORT TRUST/15/WILLIGDON ISLAND/21-22/3726 Gn.Admn 1,39,010