Submitted on 3 November 2022

Tender for Running Canteen at Marine Building along with Cafeteria at New Administrative Building

निविदा आमंत्रण अधिकारी
The Secretary
निविदा संख्या
No.SWO/Tender/ Canteen& Cafeteria/2022-S Dated: 01-11-2022
निविदा विवरण

Tenders are invited through GeM Portal for running Canteen at Marine Building alongwith Cafeteria at Administrtiave Builiding, North End, Willingdon Island, for a period of one year. Tenders shall be submitted in accordance with the (i) General information (ii) Instruction to the Tenderers and (iii) Terms & Conditions of Contract, etc, as detailed in the Tender Document.

प्रस्तावना श्रेणी
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बयाना राशि(ईएमडी)
करों सहित निविदा दस्तावेज की लागत
निविदा के प्रकार
Service contract
तिथि से जारी दस्तावेज
तिथि पर जारी दस्तावेज
जमा करने की अंतिम तिथि
निविदा खोलने की तिथि
पूर्व बोली तिथि
निविदा का विस्तार
i. The tender is for running Canteen at Marine Building alongwith Cafeteria at Administraive Building of Cochin Port Authority, for one year.
ii. The Canteen/Cafeteria with existing facilities/equipment will be handed over byCanteen Managing Committeeof CoPA in as is where is condition to the contractor. All additional facilities required for operating Canteen and Cafeteria will be procured and installed by the contractor at his own cost. Such additional equipment added by the contractor shall be taken back by the contractor on expiry of the contract period.
पूर्व योग्यता मानदण्ड

The bidder should have;
(i) three years experience (during 2016-22 period) in running Canteen (in reputed organizations having at least 100 employees or hospitals having at least 100 beds, in the State of Kerala. Copy of work order and experience certificate towards successful running of canteen as per the above condition from the organization concerned should be submitted along with tender.
(ii) valid FSSAI, GST, PAN, ESIC and EPFO registrations. (Copy of relevant certificates should be submitted along with tender document).

Contact Details

संपर्क व्यक्ति का नाम व पदनाम
Smt. C. Premakumari, Secretary, Cochin Port Authority
संपर्क पता
Cochin Port Authority, Willingdon Island, Cochin-682 009, Kerala, Ph: 0484-2582108, 2582101
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