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Maintenance of landscaped and other areas at various locations in W-Island for one year-Re-Tender
Civil Works
Two Cover- Percentage bas
18-01-2018 : 10-00 hrs
25-01-2018 : 14-00 hrs
25-01-2018 : 15-00 hrs
25-01-2018 : 14-30 hrs

Maintenance of landscaped and other areas at various locations in W/Island for one year

(i)                Experience:


The tenderer should have successfully completed at least:


one similar work of value not less than  Rs. 4.57 lakhs


two similar works,  each of value not less than Rs. 2.85 lakhs 


three similar works, each of value not less than Rs. 2.28 lakhs,         

during the preceding seven years ending December -31st 2017.

Explanatory notes:            

(a)              Similar work(s) means “Civil Labour oriented works/repairs/Civil maintenance” nature works.

(b)              The experience certificate of works executed in private     sectors/organisations, shall be considered for qualification, only on submission of TDS certificate along with work order and completion certificate.

(c)              Copy of completion certificates of each work issued by the owner/ responsible officer of the owner under whom  he has executed such contract shall be attached. The certificate shall contain details of work involved specifying the nature of work, the completion cost of the work, date of commencement & date of completion of the work.

(d)              The works reckoned for the above purpose are those executed by the tenderers as prime Contractor or proportionately as member of joint venture or Sub Contractor. The Sub-Contractor shall be an authorized and approved Sub-Contractor by the Employer of the work(s) against which the tenderer has claimed his experience. The tenderer shall attach attested copy(s) of approval issued by the Employer(s) authorizing as a Sub-Contractor; in proof of the claim of the tenderer as a sub-Contractor.  The tenderer is also obliged to produce the original of the certified copy(s) on request by the department.

(e)              Following enhancement factors will be used for the costs of works executed for bringing the financial figures to a common base value in respect of the works completed in the past years.

Year before

Multiplying factor

One year


Two years


Three years


Four years


Five years


Six years


(ii)             Financial Turnover:

Average Annual Turnover of the tenderer during the last three financial years ending 31st March 2017 shall not be less than Rs.1.71 Lakhs. In proof of this Audited Annual Accounts Statements or IT returns duly acknowledged by the Income Tax department along with Computation Statement signed by the Auditor/ Chartered Accountant, for the last three years shall be produced by the tenderer.

Contact Person Details
Sri. A.G. Sathyan, Suptdg. Engineer(C.M)

Chief Engineers Office

Cochin Port Trust,


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