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Chief Engineer
Development of walkway and parking facility from BOT bridge to Alexander Parambithara Bridge at NH-47A – Phase III
Civil Works
Rs. 577.75 lakhs
Two Cover (e-tendering mo
07-01-2017 : 10-00 hrs
20-02-2017 : 15-00 hrs
20-02-2017 : 15-30 hrs
20-02-2017 : 15-00 hrs



This work essentially comprise Construction of walkway and allied facilities in between BOT Bridge to Alexander Parambithara Bridge at NH-47A for about 1500m along the foreshore side in the stretch of land in continuation to the walkway already constructed upto the Kannanghatt bridge under construction.

The scope of work includes the following but not limited to:

(i)          Clearing the area after retaining the maximum possible existing trees.

(ii)        Raising the existing reclamation wall and providing parapet wall over it using rubble masonry and providing CC coping.

(iii)       Filling with laterite gravel / red earth for raising the area and regularizing the existing profile.

(iv)      Providing 3m / 5m wide walkway with interlocking paving blocks.

(v)        Providing cement concrete covered drain along the walkway.

(vi)      Providing 5.50m wide vehicle parking area of about 100m length at 2 locations

(vii)     Providing 5.0 m wide steps / ramps to enter the walkway from road surface as the walkway is lower than the top of the existing road.

(viii)   Providing seating arrangements around the existing trees in dressed rubble masonry with granite topping and providing RCC precast benches.


Minimum Qualification Criteria


  1. Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

a)         Experience

                The tenderers should have experience of having successfully completed at least either

                Three similar completed works each costing not less than Rs.231.10 lakhs


                Two similar completed works each costing not less than Rs.288.90 lakhs


                One similar completed works each costing not less than Rs.462.20 lakhs

                during last 7 (seven) years ending 31st December 2016. 

b)         Financial Turnover

                Average Financial turnover of the tenderer over the last three financial years ending 31st March of the previous financial year 2015-2016 (viz. 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016) shall not be less than Rs.173.30 lakhs.

Explanatory notes to a) & b) : 

                Note 1:- Similar work(s) means Civil construction works. 

                Note 2:- Following enhancement factors will be used for the costs of works executed for bringing the financial figures to a common base value in respect of the works completed in past years.


Table 1.1


Year before

Multiplying factor

One year [2015]


Two years [2014]


Three years [2013]


Four years [2012]


Five years [2011]


Six years [2010]



                Note 3:- The experience certificate of works executed in private sectors/organisations shall be considered for qualification, only on submission of TDS certificate along with work order and completion certificate.

                Note 4:- Satisfactory Client/Owners’ Certificate or documentary proof shall be submitted in support of the assignments / works performed and claimed by the tenderer to fulfill the eligibility criteria for qualification. A statement duly certified by the Chartered Accountant showing the average annual Financial Turnover over the last 3 financial years  and audited financial statements for the last three years shall be submitted .

Note 5:- The works reckoned for the above purpose are those executed by the tenderers as prime contractor or proportionately as member of joint venture or as a sub contractor.


Contact Person Details
Smt. C.A.Philo, Exe. Engineer (PD)

Exe. Engineer (PD)

Cochin Port Trust

Telephone – 0484 2582418

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