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F1/T4/CVRF AC System for GoI/2019-M
Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of 2 Numbers 10 HP Centralised VRF Air Conditioning System for GoI at Cochin Port Trust
Electrical Work/Equipment
09-05-2019 : 10-30 hrs
28-05-2019 : 15-00 hrs
28-05-2019 : 15-30 hrs
28-05-2019 : 15-00 hrs

The scope of this tender comprises of the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW AC SYSTEM units conforming to the specifications and in accordance with the Equipment schedule & design drawings.

The item shall be in consistent with latest building code issued by government/ statuary bodies.

The sample drawing showing the layout of AC units  is attached. Cutting of ceiling , civil works, core cutting etc. needed to be done by the contractor for fixing the AC units.


The civil works of the Gate Office building wherein the VRF AC has to be installed has been completed. Hence the bidder shall visit the site to ascertain the scope of work and if required also have discussions with the engineer in charge, before submitting the bid.


The entire work shall be carried out in consultation and coordination with the existing Civil and Electrical contractor. The work shall be carried out without affecting the civil and electrical works going on at the site.

The qualification will be based on meeting the minimum criteria regarding the bidder’s experience, capabilities and financial position, specified in the Qualification criteria. Any tender submitted without the necessary supporting documents is liable to be rejected. The bid can be submitted by an Indian individual firm or Indian Private / Public company. Minimum qualifying criteria for the quoting firms is as follows:

  1. The bidder (manufacturer or principal of authorized counterparts / representative) should have regularly for at least 3 (Three) years, ending 31st March 2019 manufactured, supplied, erected and commissioned the HVAC system of capacity of 20HP or higher capacity / specifications. Copy of incorporation/registration certificate and details of Purchase Orders to whom the systems were supplied shall be submitted as proof thereof.
  2. The bidder should have manufactured, supplied, erected and commissioned at least 20 TR cumulative capacity in a single contract in single premises, during the last 7 years ending 31st March 2019 and the product should be in successful operation for 2 years as on 31.03.2019. The bidder is required to submit the copy of supply / work orders, respective completion certificate and contact details of the clients duly authenticated by person authorized to sign the tender on behalf of the bidder.
  3. The Bidder should have experience of having successfully completed at least Three similar completed works each costing not less than Rs.4.23 lakhs OR Two similar completed works each costing not less than Rs.5.29 lakh OR One similar completed works each costing not less than Rs.8.46 lakhs during the last 7 (seven) years ending 31st March 2019.
  4. After sales service: The bidder should have sales and service office in Ernakulam for rendering after sales service of the Centralised Airconditioning system/VRF HVAC system quoted.
    1. Financial Standing:
      1. The average annual financial turnover of ‘The bidder’ during the last three years, ending on 31st March 2019 should be more than Rs.3.17 Lakh. The annual report (audited balance sheet and profit & loss account) of the relevant period, duly authenticated by a Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant in India shall be submitted.
      2. The net worth of the Bidder firm (manufacturer or principal of authorized representative) should not be negative during the last financial year ending 31st March 2019.

(Note 1: Net worth means the sum total of the paid up capital and free reserves (excluding reserves created out of revaluation) reduced by aggregate value of accumulated losses (including debit balance in profit and loss account of recurrent year) and intangible assets). 

Contact Person Details
Latha Menon G, EE(Ele)P
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