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Greetings from Cochin Port!

            2015 has been a year of consolidation, when we at Cochin Port have been working towards turnaround and fulfilment of the major projects of the Cochin Port, and of its partners impacting the Port.

            With the BPCL's Integrated Refinery Expansion Project (IREP) getting commissioned in May, 2016, Cochin Port is progressing with the refurbishment of its Oil Terminal towards catering to the 2 Million Tons per annum increase in the Petroleum Products handling. The 6 Million Tons per annum increase in the Crude Oil handling will continue to be at the SBM. POL handling remains the mainstay of the Port, with significantly favourable revenue implications for the Port, and establishing Cochin as an Energy Port.

            2015 has also seen appreciable progress in pipeline laying for LNG in Kerala thanks to the great initiatives by the Govt. of Kerala. This will, doubtless take the LNG Terminal to commendable utilization levels, with significant revenue streams for Cochin Port, and will change the energy scenario of Kerala including providing impetus to the City Gas project. The LNG Terminal is also capable of revolutionizing the industry sector in Kerala with availability of cheaper sources of energy including cold energy for cryogenic warehousing.

            The International Container Transhipment Terminal (ICTT) has been benevolently impacted in 2015 with the Govt. of Kerala streamlining the Green Channel for export containers at the Walayar Check Post, integrating the markets in South West Tamil Nadu into the primary hinterland of Cochin Port. The Port has successfully reinstated direct connectivity to Far East ports in 2015. The hunt for a US East Coast service continues, with big discounts on offer. The Port is also co-promoting a unique, weekly container train service between Coimbatore and Cochin with CONCOR, for closer integration of the markets across State borders. With the above initiatives, the ICTT is expected to do better in 2016, and edge closer to the 0.5 million TEU mark.

            In 2015, Cochin Port completed its Cruise Terminal with a state-of-the-art Passenger Facilitation Centre towards its commitment for making Cochin Port a leading cruise destination on the Indian coast offering services of international standards.

Cochin is also emerging as a cost-effective bunker and ship repair facility.

Another key project of the Cochin Port, the  Multi User Liquid Terminal at Puthuvypeen, of 4.10 Million Ton capacity, handling LPG for IOC, reducing road transport of LPG through Kerala in the process, and POL for bunkers is progressing well for commissioning in 2017.

Cochin Port is also promoting automated Cement Terminals, with three of them already established and two in progress.

In 2015, Cochin Port has earmarked 4 acres of land for setting up an Automated Grain Terminal in PPP (DBFOT) format for import of Grains for Kerala, which is a food-deficit state. The Terminal, through automated handling, can ensure high productivity and hygienic standards of a high order.

The Outer Harbour is the one long-term project for the Cochin Port for the future, taking the Port closer to the ships in the seas, rather than the ships calling the port through a long channel, with adverse cost implications. The Outer Harbour offers tremendous potential for locating an export-oriented oil refinery or a liquid trading hub. 

The Civil Engg Dept in the Port continues to busy, with work apace on the Rs.240 crore Multi User Liquid Terminal at Puthuvypeen that should add 4.52 MMTPA capacity, the Rs.22 crore Oil Terminal Berth expansion project, and the Rs.60 crore RoB-cum-Flyover work on NH 47C. They are also undertaking works worth Rs.820 crores for other organisations in Cochin Port.

Some of the other new projects we are currently promoting in PPP (DBFOT) format are:

  • Tea Park
  • Automated Grain Terminal
  • RO RO Facility for Transporting Cars
  • Tank Farms in Puthuvypeen SEZ
  • Ropeway for Tourists along the Goshree Bridges


Wishing you all a great Year ahead!


Paul Antony


 (18 January 2016)