Submitted on 13 November 2020

Cochin Port have received a request from M/s. Deepak Phenolics Limited for transportation of Propylene (flammable gas of 2.1 hazardous class) through Ro-Ro shipping from Cochin to Dahej (Gujarat) as it will be cost effective & environment friendly. Currently, the cargo is being transported by road. Since Dahej Port does not have the required draft of 5m for the Ro-Ro ships, M/s. DPL had suggested exploring the possibility of using Hazira Port instead of Dahej Port. Meanwhile, a feedback from M/s.DPL has been received wherein they have indicated that they would be interested to patronize the service provided the cost per tonne of transportation remains below the current road transportation cost and hence CoPT have now taken up with the Ro-Ro operator, M/s. DG Connect, who are currently operating service between Hazira and Ghogha to revert with the possible freight tariff.

The main objective of this initiative is to bring about a modal shift that is cost effective, safe, less pollutant reducing carbon footprints& environment friendly movement leveraging Coastal Shipping.

As Cochin Port has only linear berths where Ro-Ro vessel with quarter stern ramp or side ramp can only be berthed, CoPT has drawn up a proposal to provide additional Ro-Ro handling facility at the southern side of the existing Q1 berth of Mattancherry Wharf utilising Q1 berth that can facilitate the berthing of Ro-Ro vessels with straight stern and front ramps.

The proposed additional Ro-Ro handling facility in between Q1 berth and South Coal Berth (SCB) consists of (i) Construction of Jetty structure of approximately 900 sq. m., (ii) Strengthening of existing road surface upto IG Road, (iii) Construction / Re-construction of existing compound wall and drain and (iv) Refurbishment of existing buildings as Comfort Station for the drivers.

The total estimated cost of the Project works out to around Rs.11.06 Crores.  Due to poor financial condition of Cochin Port, financial support of 100% of the project cost is expected from Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways under Sagarmala Programme.

The Project is expected to be implemented within a period of 12 months from the date of its approval by the competent authority. If a dedicated berth is available at Cochin Port for handling Ro-Ro ships, there is chance of attracting more users for handling various types of cargo through Ro-Ro ships to various destinations. On completion, the facilities would be operated and maintained by CoPT, for multiple users.

Total projected capacity of the berth is 0.60 MMTPA


Providing Ro-Ro Facilities for Propylene Handling at Cochin Port



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