Submitted on 12 November 2020

Voluntarily Disclosed

1.   Organisation Chart

2.   Board of Trustees

3.   Delegation of Powers

       ■  Delegation of Enhanced Financial Powers to Major Ports

       ■  Delegation of Enhanced Financial Powers to Dy. Chairmen of Major Ports

       ■  Delegation of Enhanced Financial Powers for Tenders

4.   Manual of Procedures

5.   Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

       ■  Cruise Vessel Operations

       ■  Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan

       ■  Disaster Management Plan

6.   Client's Citizen's Charter

7.   Grievance Redressal Mechanism

8.   Major Port Trusts Act. 1963

9.   Major Port  Authorities Act, 2021

10. Rules & Regulations

11. Schedule of Employees

12. Monthly remuneration to employees

13.  Allocation of Work

      GAD / Civil  / Traffic /  Finance

14. Internal transfers/orders/circulars

15. Training programmes

16. Procedure for granting permission for Internship Project Research Study

17. Disciplinary cases

18. Scholarship for children of employees

19. Stevedoring Licences

20. Statistics

       ■  Cargo & Vessel 

       ■  Administration Report

       ■  Annual Budget

       ■  Annual Accounts 

       ■  ATN on Separate Audit Report

21. Single Window Facility for Customers

22. a) Evolution & milestones of Cochin Port  b) Maritime Heritage Museum

23. List of categories of documents held by departments

       ■ Marine       ■ Traffic       ■ Medical       ■  GAD       ■ Civil Engineering       ■ Finance 

24. Task Force for periodic review of Client's / Citizen's Charter

25. STQC Certification for website

26. Facilitation Centre / Toll Free Number

27. Foreign tours

28. RTI Independent Audit

29. RTI Quarterly Report 

       ■ 2018–19   ■ 2019–20   ■ 2020–21   ■ 2021–22   ■ 2022–23   ■ 2023–24

 30. Settlement agreement of Wage Revision & Allied matters of Port & Dock Workers of Major Port Trusts & Dock Labour Board w.e.f. 01.01.2017

31. Revision of Pay and Allowances of Class I and II officers in the Major Port Trusts and Dock Labour Boards dated 05.02.2020

32. ICTT License Agreement except chapter 5 and 6 for RTI

33. Holiday list 2024


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Applications/Appeals and Replies

General Administration Department RTI Applications and Replies

Applications and Replies

 1.  Shri. Gowrisankar P.R. – Status of the recruitment for the post of AEE in CoPT
 2.  Shri. Dhans – Information on seniority etc of various posts in CoPT
 3.  Shri. Jolly John – Pay Scale details of Cl-IV employees & Asst. Cook in CPT from '86 
 4.  Shri. K.K. Gireesan – Application under Section 6 of the RTI
 5.  Shri. Latheef – Details of leased land in r/o NAJCO 
 6.  Shri. Pammi Prasanna Kumar – Details of RR on Study Leave 
 7.  Shri. Salim A.K. – Details of Lease deed agreement in r/o Lulu Convention  and Exhibition Center Pvt. Ltd. 
 8.  Shri. Sanjay Bhaty – Details of court cases and orders issued in favour and against Ministry of Shipping
 9.  Shri. Jarnail Singh – Percentage of Actual strength of SCs & STs as on 30.06.2020
10. Shri. H. Michael Robert Kennedy – Check off system
11. Shri. Nilanshu Banerjee – Vacancies of Superintending Engineer (Mechanical)
12. Shri.Togaru Sunil Kumar – Complete benefits and exemptions for physically challenged (Divyangjan) from government.
13. Shri. Hemant Patil – Encroachment
14. Shri. K. Murthy – Direct recruitment vacancies.
15. Shri. K.V. Nagesh – Purchase of Immovable property
16. Shri. Lijo Raju – Lease details
17. Shri. M. Naga Prasad – Details of Liaison Officer (PH)
18. Shri. M. Naga Prasad – Roster for reservation of SC/ST/OBC/PH for direct recruitment & promotion posts
19. Shri. Rajesh K.V. – LDC vacancy - Staff Selection Commission
20. Shri. Sivasankar T.C. – Office person at CoPT to whom should one share the PIN  Password
21. Smt. Bindu M.G. – Grant of Child Care Leave to women employees of CoPT
22. Shri. R. Ajithkumar – Roster of Programmer & Sr.OCIO
23. Shri. Manipuspak Sethi – Copies of all Notes Sheets related to filling the Post of SE(M)
24. Shri. S.P. Kamath  Copy of the Minutes of the Meeting
25. Shri. Sachin – Information on filling up of the post of Dy.CVO 
26. Shri. Rajkumar Yadav – Details of expenses under CSR scheme
27. Shri. Braham Prakash – Sponsorship programmes in FY 2018-19
28. Shri. Sabareesh Kumar – Information on Port land, lease etc
29. Shri. P.V. Dileep – Lease
30. Shri. Vishal Ravi Sanap – Procedure for processing salary of Covid-19 contract employee
31. Shri. P.V. Dileep – Tender details for Bolghaty pay and park
32. Shri. Ramakrishna – Details of Recruitment test for AEE (Electrical)
33. Shri. M. Nagaprasad – Persons with disabilities, pregnant women employees exempted from duties during COVID-19
34. LT CDR Ashish Kumar – Exemption of toll collection
35. Shri. M. Nagaprasad
36. Shri. Rejimon C.K.
37. Shri. Anjan Kumar Maity
38. Shri. Harshul Malukani
39. Shri. K.N. Sakthivel
40. Shri. P.K. Joseph
41. Shri. R. Sambamurthy
42. Shri. Rajiv Ram Nagar
43. Shri. Ravindra Kumar Kashyap
44. Shri. Saravanan Bhagavathi Sundaram
45. Shri. Vasudev Tilwani
46. Shri. B. Asokan
47. Shri. Rajiv Ram Nagar Copy of agreement/allotment letters ~ M/s. Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd.
48. Shri. Shamlal Goyal IAS Waiver or relaxation of tender conditions after awarding contract
49. Shri. Suresh Babu – Details on Medical & Para medical staff of CoPT
50. Shri. Ajith A
51. Shri Ragam K.U.
52. Smt. Mariakutty Antony
53. Shri. Dominic Mendez
54. Shri. M. Nagaprasad – Details of Grievance Redressal Officers
55. Shri. Sipin S. – Details on total volume of container handled ICTT Vallarpadam/Cost of maintenance etc from 2011
56. Shri. Sathianarayanan T.V. – Details of upgradation of Marine Foreman category and VHF operator/Afzulpurkar Committee recommendation etc.
57. Shri. R. Ajith Kumar Details of OCIOA post (15/08/2021)
58. Shri. R. Ajith Kumar  Details of OCIOA post (08/09/2021)
59. Smt. Nitha A U  Regarding compassionate Appointment
60. Shri. Sujay Sarkar  Professional functionaries
61. Shri. Narendra Rao T Compassionate Appointment details
62. Shri. A. Veerabahu Pillai – Publishing tenders/EOI
63. Shri. Gowri Sankar P.R. – Recruitment of AEE (Mech)
64. Shri. Arjun S. Sanakan – Status of recruitment of AEE (Civil)
65. Shri. Sama Sathish Reddy – Compassionate Appointment policy
66. Shri. Basil Raju – Land related (lease)
67. Shri. Mijoe Joseph  PLR related
68. Shri. A. Veerabahu Pillai – List of case files of EOI floated etc
69. Shri. Ajithkumar - Available roster
70. Shri. Ajithkumar (21.10.2021-2)
71. Shri. Sajeev Sebastian – Chakraborty Commission Report
72. Shri. Sajeev Sebastian – Afzul Purkar Committee Report
73. Shri. Veerabahu (16.11.2021)
74. Shri. Rahul Krishnan K.
75. Shri. Salim N.
76. Shri. Abdul Salam P.K.
77. Shri. Veerabahu (Application dt. 25.11.2021)
78. Shri. Gautam – Information on SC-ST officers in major ports
79. Shri. Mijoe Joseph – Seeking list of officers in major port Trusts who were allowed level jumping
80. Ms. Sivna – Details on post of Asst. Director (OL), Sr. Hindi Translator and Jr. Hindi Translator
81. Shri. Jacob Santhosh – Details connected to Rail Bridge from Edappally to Vallarpadam Container Terminal
82. Shri. Dipanshu Singh – List of officers/staff with official contacts details
83. Shri. Anu S.R. – Information of land handed over to M/s. KSPPL
84. Shri. Shrishti Dewan – Containers arrived at major ports during total lockdown period etc.
85. Shri. M. Nagaprasad – Exemption for disabled/pregnant employees from attending duty during 3rd wave of COVID
86. Shri. Sajeev S.L. – Information on RR of Accounts Officer
87. Shri. S.P. Kammath – Minutes of LAC meeting held on 13.01.2022
88. Smt. Dani – List of pilots appointed on regular basis Jan 2012 to Dec 2020, dates, scale of pay etc.
89. Shri. Manmohan Verma – Info on retired govt. employees/consultant, non-secretariat employees attached from other, PSU, CPSE etc.
90. Shri. Revanth Nath Yandrapu – Objectives/Bye law/MoA/AoA/MOU of the organization etc.
91. Shri. Rohit Nagar – Details on employments made
92. Shri. S.B. Tekhandiya – What kind of Departmental action against any private, limited company for non-payment of fare for goods imported from abroad at seaport etc.
93. Shri. Amritendu Roy - Who is Competent Authority for forwarding application for outside employment of Class-I officers/ No. of applications from Class I officers from 01.01.2021 to 31.03.2022 etc.
94. Shri. Anil Heble - Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) of Class I & II officers of Cochin Port processed online.
96. Shri.John Thomas - List of payments defaluters lessces
97. Shri.Sukhvinder Singh
98. Shri.Raghavendra Kumar Singh
99. Shri. Sukhvinder Singh - CoPA is a PSU/Autonomous Body/Full Govt. owned or controlled establishment etc.
100. Shri. Akahay T.P. - Detailed expenditure Report of study visit of Parliamentary Committee on welfare SC&ST
101. Ms. Bindhu S - Sports Inspector posts
102. Shri. Prasanna Majhi - Incentive Schemes and allowances of employees
103. Shri. Gopalakrishnan B - Seniority List (Die harness)-Current position
104. Shri. K.J. Sohan - Survey sketch of land in For Cochin Village, Kochi Taluk/construction for boat jetty for water metro project
105. Shri. M. Nagaprasad(531) - Roster-Direct Recruitment Class A & B
106. Shri. M. Nagaprasad(1533) - 3 percentag4 percentage reservation for Persons with Disabilities
107. Shri. M. Nagaprasad(1535) - Liaison Officer for Persons with Disabilities of CoPA
108. Shri. P.K. Jospeh (1528) - Copies of Circular/order etc.
109. Shri. Raphael C.C. - Periyar river - Jurisdiction of CoPT etc.
110. Shri. Rathinamurali N - Outsourcing contract employees/payment etc.
111. Shri. Sherin Babu - Land alloted by CoPA at Vallarpadam - GDKL company
112 Shri. Trivveni S. Pottekar - Date, month and year of retirement etc.
113. Shri. V. Shreekumar - Tender document and Licence Agreement  with number 30/19G6, Gamon Bridge Road, W/Island
114. Shri. Bhaskara Rao - 100 point Reservation Roster  register for PwD - Group C
115. Shri. V. Shreekumar - Leased land on building No. 30/19G6
116. Shri. P.K. Joseph (1527) - Latest Wage Revision Settlement of Class 3 & 4 etc
117. Ms. Rajalakshmi - Direct Recruitment appointed in the Major Ports after November 2019 till
118. Shri. Hardik Ashokbhai Halani - Waivered of Ground Rent (Container Storage charges)
119. Shri. S. Velsankar - Vacancy filled up on compassionate grounds
120. Shri. Surasani Ramalinga Reddy - Procedure stipulated for amendment Recruitment Regulations for Class I Officers etc.
121. Shri. Akhil P. - Details of Recruitment of Welfare Officer 2015
122. Shri. Glington - Complements/Kind of Gifts and Preloaded debit cards to the Board of Trustees
123. Shri. Vinodkumar K. - The details regarding name of post, salary, allowances, family pension etc Late Shri. K. Gopakumar.
124. Shri. Vinodkumar K. - The copies of application & connected papers.
125. Shri. Pinku Kumar - Name of Contract employees & Salary etc.
126. Shri. Vipul Naik – Lapsing of reservation point
127. Shri. Pavithran – Details of survey No. and location sketch of unauthorized wooden piles with net (oonikutty) erected at the Lake area at Bolgatty container road area
128. Shri. Raju Baskar – House Rent Allowance (Seafarers club-Chennai)
129. Shri. A. Ramesh – The number of officers/employees of the Port Authority were governed by old pension scheme, technical resignation/absorption etc.
130. Shri. Muhammed Haseeb – Tea and snacks shop running infront of Football Turf Ground located near parking yard, Mattancherry Hall, W/Island. 
131. Shri. D. Ajithkumar – Total no. of employees working in CoPA as on 01.12.2022/No. of SC&ST employees appointed/promoted on reservation/relaxation basis and thier percentage as on 01.12.2022 etc.
132. Shri. Ram Kumar – Outsource staff details
133. Shri. Ajithlal K.M. – Speed limit of water boat/fine etc.
134. Shri. B.V. Raveendran – The details of appointment in r/o Smt. Premakumari
135. Shri. Raveendran B.V. – Details regarding of caste certificate in r/o Smt. C. Premakumari
136. Shri. Raju Baskar – Cafeteria allowance
137. Shri. Sohan K.J. – Land alloted at Fort Cochin to Kochi Metro
138. Shri. Ankit Gaur – Vacancies of Junior Hindi Translator
139. Shri. Zeenat Fatma – Details regarding  Disciplinary authority and Appellate Discipplinary aurhotiry/Disciplinary proceedings/Inquiry etc.
140. Shri. Raju Baskar – Cafeteria allowance/appointment order/transfer order etc.
141. Shri. Ajay Augustine – Cargo vessel details
142. Shri. Sujith Sukumaran – Agreement between Cochin Port and Dubai Port world for construction and operation of ICTT in 2005
143. Shri. Muhammed Haneefa – Pension and other benefits granded to K Kunjumoideen
144. Shri. NVS Sankaram – Tariff finalization/No. of private ports/Tariff Grievances for private ports in India
145. Shri. Sujith Sukumaran - Tripartite agreement signed by NATPAC and Vallarpadam Container lorry owners and lorry drivers unions in 2013 on lorry hire and driver allowances etc.
146. Shri. Pranjal Ghate - Details regarding BOP and PPP Berths
147. Shri. J Gurubharan - Welfare schemes and concessions for the physically disabled persons
148. Shri. Wilson V P - The communication details about income tax exemption to evictees under Moolampilly package
149. Shri. Akshay T P - Details of expenditure report of study visit of Parliamentary Committee on Welfare of SC ST visited Kochi on 22nd to 23rd April, 2023
150. Smt. V. Vimala - Pay compensation or appointments regarding dependents
151. Shri. Kailasan K R -Details regarding the employees working under DP World directly or indirectly etc.
152. Shri. Shameer P S - Project related details.
153. Shri. Riyas P S - Details of auction of abandoned vehicle
154. Shri. Satheesh Kumar S - Vessel related details
155. Shri. Shyamlal Yadav - Details of employement regarding Rozga Mela
156. Shri. Sumesh K S - Details regarding Bolghatty Palalce land allotment
157. Shri. Raju Baskar - Name of officers who have completed 3years tenure (HoD and Dy.HoD)
158. Shri. Vidyadhar Durgekar  - The information related departments evaluation of th economically viable/justified minimum capacity wrt MTPA of new berths being constructed Indian Ports.
159. Shri. Noushad V Y - The project regarding under way between the BOT bridge and the old harbour bridge close to the water
160. Shri. Rahul R - Details of the subsidiary office/department monitoring water and sediment quality of Cochin Estuary and advertisement published for inviting/selecting competent monitoring agencies etc.
161. Shri. P. Prasanna Kumar - Holiday wages of Marine Engineers & Pilots.
162. Ms. Eshita  - Details regarding PPP projects/environmental impact assessment for major port expansion projects/progress of Sagarmala initiative and specific projects etc.
163. Shri. Bhaskar Prabu -  Change of nomenclature of the posts of Senior Translator and Junior Translator of Official Language.
164. Shri. Aditya Khema - Details of Internship 
165. Shri. R. Santhanam - Cafeteria Allowance 
166. Shri. Ms. Aliyah Mirza - Ongoing infrastructure development projects in CoPA
167. Shri. Jude Sajith Dcruz - Collection of toll and parking charges.
168. Shri. George K A - The information regarding waterbody land in Cochin Port Authority.
169. Ms. Sona Shibu - Details of the infrastructural constraints of Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment terminal
170. Shri. N. Raghuveer - The information regarding the number of exported construction equipment vehicles like JCB/CATTER PILLAR/TATA HITACHI/KOBEL Co., etc.
171. Shri. Satyaprakash Das- The information regarding various vacant posts.
172. Shri. Devendra Damodar Tandel - The information on Port Codes
173. Shri. Prashant Kumar -  Port development and infrastructure projects.
174. Shri. Ruhaim Muhammed - The information regarding KWA pipe passing through land of survey No. 1166/2
175. Shri. Regi P Mathew (Reg. No. CPTRS/R/E/23/00018 dt. 17.08.2023) - Appointment Order - Welfare Officer
176. Shri. Regi P Mathew (Reg. No. CPTRS/R/E/23/00019 dt. 17.08.2023) - The details of employees who attended the written test for the post of Welfare Officer in CoPA
177. Smt. Prasanna P - The reason for  sudden cancellation of quarters/complainants/complaints/investigation officer etc.
178. Shri. Laxman Sahu -  Various vacancies  in all state owned ports with sanction strength etc.
179. Saroop G - Copy of DPC Note and proceedings.(21.11.2023)
180. Shri. Christy Paul - Bunching increment and pay scale of officers etc.
181. Shri. Peter M J - The details of Smt. Ammini, D/o Ayyappan, Nerothuthara House, Maradu
182. Shri. Abdul Rahim - Formation order of the Internal Complaint Committe etc.
183. Shri. Sreevidya A - The details boats/vessels got sunk in and around Cochin Port Ship Channels etc
184. Shri. Syed Ahmed - No. of RTI applications filed  from 1 Jan 2022 to 1 Dec 2022
185. Shri. Antony T M - Sanctioned Strength of  Welfare Officer as on 31.12.2021 and connected details
186. Shri. Kanwar Singh - The details of Fire Brigade
187. Shri. Sankar Prasad Chuli - The date of intimation on Vivad Se Vishwas - Relief for MSMEs)
188. Shri. Varghese - The details of Shri. K.J. Albi, Oochanthuruth, Kalarikkal House.
189. Shri. Shyamlal Yadav - Details of consultants/Young professional/Domain Experts etc. working in Cochin Port
190. Shri. Syed Ahmed - No. of RTI requests filed in Cochin Port in the Calendar Year 2019
191. Shri. Yash Yadav - Details of land allotment  of 0.0405 ha of land.
192. Shri. Kshitij  - List of retired employees, retired from Port working in Ministry of Shipping and Waterways and Major Ports whose age between 60 to 65 years.
193. Shri Sajeev Sebastian - Details regarding re-appointed employees in Cochin Port.
194. Shri. K.M. Odedra - Details regarding disinvestment, demonetization, pledge, lease assets/shares  etc.
195. Ms. R. Sridevi - Details of Major Import/Major Export through shipping
196. Shri. T.J. Thomas - Different kinds of leaves due/admissibe to an employee of Cochin Port under the Cochn Port Employees (Leave) Regulations 1978
197. Shri. Baburao P - Latest Gazette notificaiton  with regard to the officer of Cochin Port Authority appointed as estate officer under public premises Eviction Act, 1971
198. Shri. Krishnakumar K N - Copy of Note Recruitment Rule in r/o filling up of 20% vacancy of Manager/Dy.CA(Jr.) post/decision of Grievance petition 07.09.2023 etc.
199. Syed Ahmed - The nature of work done by the public authority or the duties allotted to this public authority by act of Legislature or Central Govt.
200. Ahamed Meera Thamby - Total income and expenditure for last 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2023/Address of Cochin Port Corporate Office/State name and address of the CPIO/FAA of CoPA.
201. Hybin Jose PP - CoPA  alloted any space/land to any individual/company torun a workshop in Cochin Port land below the Vallarpadam overbridge, near BPCL pump
202. Kiran PS - The details of ships (Cochin Port) that have arrived and passed through the ports on a year
203. Mary Milky Jadhas - The details of Shri. K.J. Alby, Kalarikkal
204. Mohamed Nazeer PS - The details of pay revision arrears in respect of pension commutation, pension, final encashment and salary
205. Jayakumar P - Clarification n regularisation of absence during Covid-19 epidemic lockdown period vide Shipping Ministry's Order No. I-202. 26/11/2020-PE-1 dated 23.09.2020.
206. Muhammed Youseff - The details of Leasing of the situated on the western side if High Court building on the container terminal road.
207. Sabu Varghese - The details of different kinds of Leaves/FRSR/CCS Rules.
208. Muhasin V.M - The information of Ex-Concor-1 plot & covered shed of ex-IPL (Indian Potash Ltd.) at W/Island.

Appeals and Replies

1.   Shri. Kevin
2.   Shri. V. Sethunath
3.   Shri. Viju P. Varghese
4.   Shri. Manipuspak Sethi
5.   Shri. R. Ajithkumar
6.   Shri. S.P. Kamath
7.   Shri. Sachin
8.   Shri. P.G. Mohanan (25.06.2021)
9.   Shri. K.K. Nedeer
10. Shri. Sajeev Sebastian
11. Shri. Manipuspak Sethi
12. Shri. P.G. Mohanan (26.08.2021)
13. Shri. K.J. Stephen
14. Shri. P.G. Mohanan (04.10.2021)
15. Shri. Sukumaran
16. Shri. Hardik Ashokbhai Halani 
17. Shri. John Thomas
18. Shri.P.K.Joseph
19. Shri. Vinod Kumar K.
20. Shri. Joseph Benedict
21. Shri.K.S.Anilkumar
22. Shri.Aneesh Mattancherry
23. Shri. K.S. Anil Kumar
24. Shri. Aneesh Mattancherry


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RTI - How to apply

Any citizen of India who desires to obtain any information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 may make a request to the concerned Public Information Officer in Cochin Port Authority by enclosing the application fee.

Application fee: Rs. 10/- (Rupees ten only)

Mode of payment

By Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque / Indian Postal Order in favour of FA & CAO, Cochin Port Authority, Cochin-9.

Online applications can be submitted through RTI Portal

List of CPIOs & APIOs

RTI Handbook (by Dr. S.N. Venkatesan)

RTI Act - English

RTI Act - Malayalam 



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