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No. F1/T-14/HT SUPPLY-GOI-Site BCD/2018-M
Providing Electrical facilities to site B, C & D for GoI in Cochin Port”
Electrical Work/Equipment
Rs.1, 62, 06,126 /-
Rs. 5250/-
01-01-2019 : 10-00 hrs
28-01-2019 : 14-30 hrs
28-01-2019 : 15-30 hrs
17-01-2019 : 15-00 hrs
28-01-2019 : 14-30 hrs

 The scope of work is for carrying out the Electrical works in the Site B (Behind Kendriya Vidyalaya) and Site C & D (Inside A2 area) allotted to GoI. The work includes Supply and laying of 11 KV HT cables, Supply and installation of transformers, 11 KV VCB panels, RMU units, street light poles and luminaries  etc. at sites B & C including interconnection of HT cable to Site A.

a)        Experience

  1. 1.      Firms on their own who have satisfactorily completed HT electrical contract works involving “Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of 11 KV or above Ring Main Units, Panels, HT Cables, etc”, as detailed below to their clients during the last seven (7) years ending on 30.11.2018.

a)   Three numbers of contract works, each single contract costing not less than Rs.64.82 lakhs                                      OR

b)    Two numbers of contract works, each single contract costing not less than Rs.81.03 lakhs 


 c)     One number of contract work costing not less than Rs. 129.65 lakhs in a single contract.


This may be furnished in the proforma in “Schedule C” of the tender document. The experience having carried out the work under sub contract to the main contractor will not be considered.


b)       Financial Turnover

Average annual financial turnover should be at least Rs. 48.62 Lakhs during the last three (3) years, ending 31st March 2018.


c)       The firm shall hold valid “A” Class license issued by any state Electricity/ /Central Electricity/Other State/Union Territory licensing boards

Contact Person Details
Humblie Ursala John, AEE(Ele)
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