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Superintending Engineer(M) IC Engines
No.D/ICE/T-2/ Taxi Hire /17-M dated 30/01/2018
supply of 11 Nos AC taxi cars for three years
Transport Service
31-01-2018 : 13-00 hrs
21-02-2018 : 14-30 hrs
21-02-2018 : 15-00 hrs
02-09-2018 : 11-00 hrs
21-02-2018 : 14-30 hrs

“E-Tender for supply of 9 Nos. A/c taxi cars, A2Segments (compact) except entry level models, 12-hours/day with driver & fuel (8.00 AM to 8.00PM), 1 No. A/c taxi car A2 Segments (compact)except entry level models, in two modes i.e withdriver & fuel, 24-hrs/day and without driver&fuel 24 hrs/day. and 1 No. A/c taxi car sedancategory (Maruti Ciaz, Honda City, HyundaiVerna, Toyota Etios, Ford Aspire, Honda Amazeetc.) in two modes i.e with driver & fuel andwithout driver & fuel , 24-hrs/day for a period ofthree years.

Minimum Qualification Criteria       Bids of only those parties who satisfy the Minimum Eligibility Criteria given below will beconsidered for detailed evaluation:(i) The Bidder should own or have on lease the offered vehicles with at least one sparevehicle,(newly registered on or after 2015) with valid Certificate of Registration ,Certificateof Fitness, Permit and insurance on the date of submission of the tender .Copies of certificateof Registration, Fitness certificate if applicable, permit and insurance certificate ,documentfor lease or ownership are to be submitted along with the tender.a) (ii) The bidder should have experience of providing at least two vehicles of any of thetwo categories (A2/ Sedan category) given in the table above on hire to anyGovt./Public sector undertaking /Private organizations and completed at least one yearof contract satisfactorily during the last 7 years ending on 31-12-2017.Copies of workorders and satisfactory performance certificate issued by the client should be furnishedalong with the tender. In the case of works executed for Private organizations aTDS certificate in connection with the contract to be produced.(iii) Average annual Financial turn over for the last three financial years ending 31/03/20176should not be less than the amount given for each category as shown in the table givenbelow.Sl.No. Mode of hire Turnover1 For the bid for 9 Nos.A2 Segment,A/c vehicles for 10 Hrs/day.hire.Assured usage of 1300Kms/Month, with driver & fuel Rs. 13,52,149 /-2 For the bid for 1Nos.A2 Segment A/c vehicle for 24Hrs/day.hire.Assured usage of 2000Kms/Month, with driver & fuel Rs. 1,87,679/-3 For the bid for One No.A/c vehicle sedan category of 24Hrs.hire/day.Assured usage of 2000Kms/month, with driver & fuel Rs. 2,11,079/-4 For the bid for 1Nos.A2 Segment, A/c vehicle for 24Hrs/ day hire,without driver & fuel Rs. 1,13,206/-5 For the bid for 1 No..A/c vehicle(sedan catagory) of 24 Hrs.hire/day.without driver & fuel Rs. 1,27,199/Total for all the five together Rs.19,91,312/-The bidder shall furnish documentary evidence such as copies of audited annual accounts/profitand loss accounts/balance sheet, accompanied with auditor’s report for the past three financialyears ending on 31/03/2017 authenticated by a Chartered accountant shows the annual turnover.In case of bidding entity is not in existence for last three years, the average annual financialturnover of the entity should be equal to or more than the above said amount for a period of theirexistence.ORSolvency certificate issued from the Bank certifying that the bidder can be treated as good forany engagement up to the average annual turnover amount which is equal or more the above saidamount for the last three years.ORCopies of Income tax return for the past three financial years, having an average annual grossturnover equivalent to the above said amount.The bidders need to obtain the one time User ID & password for log-in to e-Tendering portalwww.tenderwizard.com/copt from the service provider KEONICS by paying registrationamount of Rs.1180/- including GST , by online Payment using Credit/Debit Card/Net banking orDD in favor of “KSEDCL, Bangalore.Note: The bidders are permitted to quote their rates for all the modes of hire or for selectedindividual modes of hire from the three sets of modes in the table above.How ever thebidder should meet the MQC either individual or for all modes of hire.

Contact Person Details
Superintending Engineer(M) IC Engines

Superintending Engineer(M) ICE (ICE Division),New Administrative Building,first Floor,Cochin Port Trust,Cochin-9, W/Island. Phone No. 0484-258 2391

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