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Convener, Cochin Port Wharf Canteen Managing Committee
Running of Ernakulam Wharf Canteen belonging to Cochin Port Trust
Food Products
Single cover
25-11-2013 : 10-00 hrs
09-12-2013 : 14-00 hrs
09-12-2013 : 14-30 hrs
09-12-2013 : 14-00 hrs

Running the Ernakulam Wharf Canteen belonging to Cochin Port Trust

i. The tenderer should be registered with Kudumbasree / Janasree or registered SHGs/
Registered Co-operative Societies like Indian Coffee House/Contractors or Firms having 2
years experience in providing canteen services in PSUs. Documentary evidence in support
of the same should be enclosed in original in the tender.
ii. The tenderer must have experience in running canteen for Govt. / Public Sector Units /
Ports/Hospital canteens etc. or any other reputed organization having strength of not less
than 100 employees/workers at least for two years on their own during the five calendar
years from 2009 to 2013. The tenderer should submit experience certificate in original from
the previous employer/organization along with the tender documents. The experience
certificate should include the number of employees / workers employed by the
organization, the period of contract of the tenderer and the major items served for food in
the canteen during the period.

Contact Person Details
S.Mohanadas, Welfare Officer

Office of the Sr. ATM(P)

Cochin Port Trust

Cochin - 3

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