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Construction of Bridge to Naval Area and Allied Facilities for Govt.of India
Civil Works
Rs. 284.46 lakhs
Rs.2.85 lakhs
Rs.2,000+ (GST @5%)
Two cover(e-tendering mod
04-06-2019 : 10-00 hrs
25-06-2019 : 15-00 hrs
25-06-2019 : 15-30 hrs
25-06-2019 : 15-00 hrs

This work essentially comprises of :

  1. Civil work for the following facilities:

(i)    Construction of a single span void slab bridge connecting W/Island and Naval Area near Govt.of India Jetty under construction along with a reclamation of 95 sq. m area adjoining Naval Area for the bridge approach and other ancillary works.

(ii)   Construction of a small two storied building in the proposed reclaimed

     area for Security office.

  1. Electrical works for the following:

Providing Electrical supply, AC units, data cabling, telephone wiring, light poles, light fittings etc. in new Security office, Bridge and landscaped area and detailed scope of work is in Clause2B under Section III- General description of Work.








Minimum Qualification Criteria

a)                         Experience

The tenderers shall have experience of having successfully completed at least either

i)         Three similar works each costing not less than Rs.113.78 lakhs  


ii)       Two similar works each costing not less than Rs.142.23 lakhs    


iii)                      One similar work costing not less than Rs.227.57 lakhs   

during the last 7 (seven) years ending 30th  April 2019   

b)         Financial Turnover

                Average Financial Turnover of the tenderer over the last three financial years ending 31st March 2018 [2015-’16, 2016-’17 & 2017-’18] shall not be less than Rs.85.34 lakhs.

 Explanatory notes to a) & b) : 

                Note 1:- Similar Work(s) means “Construction of a bridge / jetty / marine structure in sea/ river/ backwater/ marine environment with bored cast in situ pile foundation” 


Note 2:- Following enhancement factors will be used for the costs of works executed for bringing the financial figures to a common base value in respect of the works completed in past years.


Table  1

Year before

Multiplying factor

One year [2018 ]


Two years [2017]


Three years [2016]


Four years [2015]


Five years [2014]


Six years [2013]



Contact Person Details
Shri.T.P Thadevus, Exe. Engineer (CM-II)

Exe. Engineer (CM-II)


Telephone – 0484 2582404

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