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Providing Additional Tourism Facilities at the CoPT Walkway Near BOT Bridge
Civil Works
Rs. 2100/-
Two cover -e-tendering mo
11-04-2019 : 10-00 hrs
06-05-2019 : 15-00 hrs
06-05-2019 : 15-30 hrs
06-05-2019 : 15-00 hrs

The scope of works includes the following but is not limited to:
(i) Part A : Construction of a steel pedestrian bridge of 17.90m long
across the canal.
(ii) Part B : Providing, installing and commissioning of 3 nos. bamboo
(iii) Part C : Providing foundation / steps etc. for one no. Security Cabin
which will be brought and installed at site by another agency.
(iv) Part D : Providing, installing and commissioning 4 nos. ordinary etoilets
including 2 nos. 2 m3 FRP bio-digesters.
(v) Part E : Providing and installing 10,000 litres and 50,000 litres FRP
UG tanks, 2 nos. each.
(vi) Part F : Providing landscaping which includes the following;
(a) Clearing the area after retaining the maximum possible existing trees.
(b) Digging holes and refilling the same with the good earth mixed with
manure or sludge etc. for planting trees / plants / shrubs.
(c) Supplying of good earth, manure or sludge etc., mixing, spreading
(d) Supplying and planting trees / plants / shrubs and grass.
(e) Supplying, filling, spreading & leveling baby metal of size ranging
from 12mm to 16 mm in the landscaped area.
(f) Maintenance of the landscaped area by watering, removing weeds,
providing manure etc. upto the completion of the entire contract
works at no extra cost and
(g) Supplying and installation of 15 nos. pole mounted dustbins.
(vii) Part G : Providing watering arrangements for landscaping works.
(viii) Part H : Setting up of Children’s play area including supplying and
installation of play equipments, 6 types, 1 no. each..
(ix) Part I : Providing Parking Area and RCC Drain which includes the
(a) Parking area for about a length of 385m with M40 grade 100mm
thick interlocking paver blocks over 200mm thick Wet Mix
(b) Providing RCC drain along the entire length with collection chamber
@ 100m c/c and connecting to the existing drain with 450mm dia.
RCC hume pipe.
(c) Providing RCC bollards @ 1.20m c/c along the entire length.
(x) Part J : Providing stainless steel handrails to the ramps and tactile tiles
for vision impaired persons and Providing 16 nos. stainless steel
(xi) Part K : Providing, installing and commissioning 2 nos. e-toilets for
differently abled including 2 nos. 1 m3 FRP bio-digesters.
(xii) Part L : Providing vinyl and retro reflective signages.

a) Experience
The Bidders should have experience of having successfully completed during
the last 7 (seven) years ending 28th February 2019 at least either :
(i) Three Similar works each costing not less than Rs. 218.50 lakhs
(ii) Two Similar works each costing not less than Rs.273.20 lakhs
(iii) One Similar work costing not less than Rs.437 lakhs
b) Financial Turnover
Average Financial Turnover of the Bidder over the last three financial years
ending 31st March 2018 (viz. 2015-’16, 2016-’17 and 2017-’18) should not be
less than Rs. 163.90 lakhs
Explanatory notes to a) & b) :
Note 1:- Similar Work(s) means Civil Construction Works.
Note 2:- Following enhancement factors will be used for the costs of Works
executed for bringing the financial figures to a common base value in
respect of the Works completed in past years.
Table 1.1
Year before Multiplying Factor
One year (February 2018) 1.07
Two years (February 2017) 1.14
Three years (February 2016) 1.21
Four years (February 2015) 1.28
Five years (February 2014) 1.35
Six years (February 2013) 1.42
Note 3:- The experience certificate of Works executed in private sectors /
organisations shall be considered for qualification, only on
submission of TDS certificate along with Work order and completion
Note 4:- Satisfactory Client / Owners’s Certificate or documentary proof shall
be submitted in support of the Assignments / Works performed and
claimed by the Bidder in Annexure 4 to fulfill the eligibility criteria
for qualification. A statement duly certified by the Chartered
Accountant showing the average annual Financial Turnover over the
last 3 financial years and audited financial statements for the last
three years shall be submitted.
Note 5:- The Works reckoned for the above purpose are those executed by the
Bidders as prime Contractor or proportionately as member of joint
venture or as a Sub Contractor, authorized and approved by the
Employer of the Work (s) against which the Bidder has claimed his experience.

Contact Person Details
Sri. T.P.Thadevus EE- PD

Chief Engineers Office

Cochin Port Trust


Ph. No. 0484 2582404

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