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Chief Mechanical Engineer
F1/Q-3/LT Cable/N-End/2019-M
Providing 2 runs of LT 3 ½ x 240 sq.mm. Aluminium UG cable from North End Sub-station to the New Administrative Building of Cochin Port Trust
Electrical Work/Equipment
Rs. 3,65,500/-
07-02-2019 : 11-00 hrs
16-02-2019 : 15-00 hrs
16-02-2019 : 15-30 hrs
16-02-2019 : 15-00 hrs

Supply, laying & commissioning of 215 metres 1.1 KV grade, 3.5 X 240 Sqmm  XLPE  Aluminium cable from the North End substation  to the New Administrative Building of Cochin Port Trust. Cable shall be laid in two runs, one from the MV panel of NE substation to the Fire Pump Room  and the other from the D.G set panel to lift room at New Administrative Building

Contact Person Details
Humblie Ursala John
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