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Resurfacing Milne Road from North End to EDC Junction on W- Island
Civil Works
Two Cover- Percentage bas
31-10-2018 : 10-00 hrs
26-11-2018 : 14-30 hrs
26-11-2018 : 15-00 hrs
26-11-2018 : 14-30 hrs
26-11-2018 : 14-30 hrs
  • Resurfacing of Milne Road from North End to EDC Junction and Road leading to Embarkation Jetty from Milne road to CoPT Guest House using bituminous concrete of 40mm thickness, road marking strips on both sides & centre and placing reflective studs.
  • Replacing the existing CC paver slabs from Foot path /Walkway along the sides of above roads with 60mm thick factory made CC interlocking paver blocks of M-30 grade and
  • Kerb stone painting and replacing the damaged cover slabs of drains.

Experience: The tenderer should have successfully completed at least:


one similar work of value not less than  Rs.38.89 lakhs


two similar works,  each of value not less than Rs.24.31 lakhs 


three similar works, each of value not less than Rs.19.44 lakhs,

during the preceding seven years ending 30th September 2018.

Similar work(s) means

Financial Turnover:

Average Annual Turnover of the tenderer during the last three financial years ending 31st March 2017 shall not be less than Rs. 14.58 Lakhs.

“Civil Construction / Road work ”

Contact Person Details
Sri. A.G. Sathyan, Suptdg. Engineer(C.M)

Chief Engineers Office

Cochin Port Trust


Ph. No. 0484 2582403

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