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Chief Mechanical Engineer
F1/ T-8/CCTV-Phase II (Re Tender) /2018-M
Providing I.P Based CCTV surveillance systems at Various Locations of CoPT Including 2 Years Guarantee& AMC for 5 years thereafter (Re Tender)
Electrical Work/Equipment
Rs 32, 66,052.00 for work
Rs 46621/-
Rs. 1050.00/-
e tender (2 cover)
30-10-2018 : 11-00 hrs
26-11-2018 : 15-00 hrs
26-11-2018 : 15-30 hrs
09-11-2018 : 15-00 hrs
26-11-2018 : 15-00 hrs

 Providing I.P Based CCTV surveillance systems at Various Locations of CoPT
Including 2 Years Guarantee& AMC for 5 years thereafter (Re Tender)

Bidder must fulfill the following minimum qualifying criteria to prove the techno-commercial competence
and shall submit the documents in support thereof:
a) The bidder should be an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or authorized dealer of IP based
CCTV Camera, NVR of reputable makes such as Samsung, Honeywell, Infinova, Pelco, Bosh, and
(The OEM who proposes to participate in the bidding process shall produce the certificate of
incorporation or registration certificate. In the case of authorized dealer, the firm has to produce the
valid authorization certificate from the OEM)
b) The bidder on its own shall have the experience of successfully carried out similar work as
mentioned below during the last 7 years as on 30th September 2018 at any State / Central
Government Departments/ PSUs of Central or State Governments / Local Self establishment/
University Buildings / Railway Stations/ Bus stations / Airports / Reputed business organizations
such as Shopping malls, Star rated hotels, Cinema Theatre etc.
a. Three similar completed works each costing not less Than Rs 13,06,421/-
b. Two similar completed works each costing not less Than Rs 16,33,026/-
c. One similar completed work each costing not less Than Rs 26, 12,842/-.
(A notarized copy of works order issued in the name of the bidder shall be enclosed to
substantiate the experience. Each work order shall indicate details of items and work order
values. The bidder shall also enclose the notarized copy of the performance certificates
issued in the name of the bidder stating that CCTV systems installed by the bidder has been
working satisfactorily at least for the last 1 year as on the date of issue of certificate)
c) Financial Turnover
Average Financial turnover of the tenderer over the last three financial years ending 31st
March 2018[2015-‘16, 2016-’17 & 2017-‘18] shall not be less than Rs.9.80lakhs.
Explanatory notes:
Note 1:-Similar work(s) means “Supply installation and commissioning of IP based
CCTVsurveillance system, involving fixed camera / PTZ camera, NVR and connected cabling
arrangements to their clients during the last seven (7) years ending on 30.09.2018”
Note 2:- Following enhancement factors will be used for the costs of works executed
forbringing the financial figures to a common base value in respect of the works completed
in past years
Table 1.1
Year before Multiplying factor
One year [2017 ] 1.07
Two years [2016] 1.14
Three years [2015] 1.21
Four years [2014] 1.28
Five years [2013] 1.35
Six years [2012] 1.42
Note 3:- The experience certificate of works executed in private sectors/ organizations
shall be considered for qualification, only on submission of TDS certificate
along with work order and completion certificate.
Note 4:- Satisfactory Client/ owners’ Certificate or documentary proof shall be
submitted in support of the assignments / works performed and claimed by the
tenderer to fulfill the eligibility criteria for qualification. A statement duly
certified by the Chartered accountant showing the average annual Financial
Turnover over the last 3 financial years and audited financial statements for the
last three years shall be submitted.
Note 5:- The works reckoned for the above purpose are those executed by the tenderers
as prime contractor.
Note 6:- Experience having executed the work as sub contract will not be considered.

Contact Person Details
K.Kunjali, Chief Mechanical Engineer

Office of the Chief Mechanical Engineer, NAB 101, 1st Floor, New Administration Building, Cochin Port Trust, Cochin 09

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