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Chief Mechanical Engineer
F1/T-6/Distr:network:IPDS/Re tender/2017/M dated 17.07.2017
Strengtheining of Sub Transmission & Distr:network at W/Ilsand under IPDS
Electrical Work/Equipment
Rs.4.34 Cr.
Rs.8.8 Lakhs
e tender
17-07-2017 : 10-00 hrs
11-09-2017 : 16-00 hrs
11-09-2017 : 16-30 hrs
31-07-2017 : 15-00 hrs
11-09-2017 : 16-00 hrs

SITC of UG cable, Distr: transformwe, Metering, RMUs etc

As per IFB enclosed

Contact Person Details
M.M.Abdul Rahim, Executive Engineer (Ele)

Office of the Chief Mechanical ENgineer, Cochin Port Administrative building, Cochin 09.

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