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My dear Colleagues,
                          After serving the Cochin Port Trust for 5 years and 4 months, I demit office on the 16th February, 2011.
                          I look back with a great deal of satisfaction and happiness, at what the Cochin Port team has been able to achieve, during the last five years. The dedication and hard work of the employees of this organization has been singularly responsible for the success we have just achieved in operationalizing the ICTT at Vallarpadam. This project will very soon prove to be one of the most valuable assets of our State and our Nation. The inauguration of the terminal at the hands of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India has been a moment of pride for every one of us. And this is not the only story of success. The LNG project, coming up in the Puthuvypeen SEZ will be another feather on the cap of Cochin Port Trust, when it is ready for commissioning by 31st March, 2012. These two mega projects when fully operational, will surely help us tide over our present financial crisis and bring the Cochin Port to be one of the largest and most modern ports in this country.
                           I specially want to place on record my personal gratitude towards all those persons and families who made personal sacrifices in making available their own homesteads for making the ICTT project a success. While I know that no amount of monetary compensation can adequately compensate for their sacrifices, it has been the endeavour of the Port Trust to give them maximum compensation and rehabilitation benefits as possible and I believe that we have done whatever is possible within our limits and the compensation package given was the best so far in India. I would also like to place on record our appreciation of the efforts made by our sister organizations like NHAI, RVNL, the District Administration and the State Government, who played their part most efficiently and effectively, in making the ICTT project a success.
                           I would also like to compliment every one of my colleagues in making the e-Thuramukham project a success. This was another project in which almost the entire team of our officers and staff was actively involved in some way or other. The systematic work done by each one of you has paid off and the product is unfolding itself to be a magnificent asset for the entire organization. In the years to come, the Port Trust Management, its Employees as well as its Customers and Stakeholders will be able to reap the benefits of efficiency, accountability and transparency in everything that we do.
                           Apart from these, we have implemented a number of smaller but important projects and tried to modernize the port functioning. Cochin Port also proved itself to be second to none, in hosting the world class event, the Volvo Ocean Race, which put our Port on the radar of all important marine activities in the world. I wish to congratulate every one of you on these achievements.
                           During this period, we have also been able to take some bold decisions and stand by those decisions, which resulted in putting an end to several illegal and unhealthy practices that prevailed here. I received full support of all my colleagues, all the Trade Unions and above all, the Government of Kerala, in this endeavour. I recall with great deal of gratitude, the unstinting support and guidance of the Hon'ble Labour Minister Shri P.K.Gurudasan and the Hon'ble Industries Minister Shri Elamaram Kareem. Cochin Port Trust will ever be grateful to them.
                           Just as our employees have worked hard towards the growth of this Port, the thousands of workers employed in various other allied sectors and organizations connected with the Port, have also definitely played their part. There have been apprehensions expressed recently that many of them would lose their employment while the container terminal shifts to Vallarpadam. I would like to assure all my colleagues that the Cochin Port Trust has been doing everything that is possible to ensure that there is no real loss of employment and it is not the intention of anyone in the Port Trust to deprive our people of their employment.
                           While we have achieved some success, obviously much more needs to be done. This is the time when we should forget personal and political differences and work together just as we have worked together as I mentioned above. I would like to stress here once again that all the above and many more successes that we have achieved, were the result of the perseverance of every member of the Port Trust team and these have been our collective successes. And we should be proud of what we have done, while we strive for further glory for our organization.
                           I admit that I have been often impatient when it came to dealing with the situations of strikes and work stoppages that we encountered during this period. I strongly feel that the Port needs to grow beyond the culture of strikes to build an atmosphere of confidence amongst the shipping community so that our port does better business and its financial situation improves. I would call upon all my colleagues in the Trade Unions to consider this and carry out some self introspection on this subject. I have often expressed my annoyance and impatience at some of these situations, but I want to assure you that I do not harbour any hard feelings or enduring enmity towards any person or association, in this regard.
                           I once again thank every one of my colleagues, leaders of various Trade Unions as well as members of the Port community for your kindness and love that you have bestowed on me and the excellent cooperation and assistance extended to me during my stay here. I am certain that you will continue to extend the same to the new incumbent to this office, Shri Paul Antony.

With profound regards and warm wishes,

(N. Ramachandran)                          
16th February, 2011                          

PS: Please feel free to contact me at my email address: nramachandranpillai@gmail.com