• Mission, Vision & Goals
  • Senior Management Team
  • Board of Trustees


                           The Mission of the Cochin Port Trust is to provide dependable, cost-effectivemission Port services  through modern and efficient  infrastructure coupled with high quality, customer  friendly  services. The Port shall manage its assets and resources for optimal economic use to the Nation and the community. The Port  shall strive to be  the main catalyst for the economic development of the region, with a strong commitment  to environmentally sound  policies and safe  practices. The Board of Trustees, the employees and all stakeholders of the Port shall work as a team in an open, positive, collaborative and cooperative manner. In pursuit of this Mission, the Port Trust shall be guided by the principles of integrity, ethical behaviour, professional excellence, service to the community and respect for every individual.


               The vision of the Cochin Port is to serve the country as
  • A public service provider
  • An economic development facilitator
  • A Business enterprise
  • An environmental conservator


  • Strengthening our competitive position
  • Maximising space and infrastructure utilization




                                     Shri P.Raveendran       Chairman

                              Shri Venkata Ramana Akkaraju   Dy. Chairman
                                          Smt. Gowri S.Nair                       Secretary                  


                Shri Goutam Gupta            Traffic manager 

                                    Shri B.Bhagyanath                     FA & CAO
                                  Shri G.Vaidyanathan             Chief Engineer                                  Dr. Roy Thomas
Chief Medical Officer (i/c)
                                Capt. Gouri Prasad Biswal    Deputy Conservator



     Chief Mechanical Engineer



     Shri Deepak Chaturvedi               Chief Vigilance Officer  



Name and Designation Email ID Tel. No. Office Tel. No. Residence

Shri P.Raveendran           Chairman



+91 484 2668200
+91 484 2668566         Ext   2582002



Shri Venkata Ramana Akkaraju
Deputy Chairman

deputychairman@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666592
        Ext 2582003

Smt. Gowri S. Nair
secretary@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666412
        Ext 2582100

       Ext 2582191
Shri Goutam Gupta
Traffic Manager 
tm@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666418
        Ext 2582200



Chief Mechanical Engineer
cme@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666639
        Ext 2582300
      Ext 2582930
Shri G.Vaidyanathan
Chief Engineer
ce@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666414
        Ext 2582400

Shri B.Bhagyanath
F.A.& C.A.O.
fa@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666582
        Ext 2582600

Dr. Roy Thomas
Chief Medical Officer (i/c)
cmo@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666402
        Ext 2582700

Capt. Gouri Prasad Biswal
Deputy Conservator
dc@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2666417
       Ext 2582500

 Shri Deepak Chaturvedi
Chief Vigilance Officer
cvo@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2668041
        Ext 2582020

Shri Jijo Thomas
Deputy Secretary (PR)
pro@cochinport.gov.in +91 484 2667722
        Ext 2582112
         Ext 2582912


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Board of Trustees